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    Hello, my name is James Douglas and welcome to AB9VH Electronics.  I am an Amateur "ham" Radio Operator, callsign AB9VH.  I have been tinkering with electronics and many other things since I was young.  I enjoyed programming before I was in high school.  Many hobbies have come and gone since then.  A few years ago a friend of mine introduced myself to the Arduino platform.  I have been hooked ever since. 

    I have created many Arduino projects and I keep looking for uses of that credit card sized micro controller.  In 2011 I started to develop a project that incorporated accelerometers.  I wanted to make a few different prototypes and I was constantly removing shields and sensors, never able to keep a design together for any length of time.  All of my projects needed a display, and wiring them up was a pain in the rear.  I was using extra digital pins for supplying power and ground.  I really needed to find a different Arduino compatible controller to fit my needs, one with more available pins.  I couldn't find one.  A fellow ham, Gary W9XT, asked why I didn't make my own.  Why did I not think of that sooner!  That's when my first micro controller design was born, the LCDuino.

    I have also designed accelerometer breakout boards and shields.  I have  used them in many different applications, including vehicle and firearm mounted applications. 

    Many thanks to the Arduino Team for inspiring my inner maker!!!

Micro Controllers
Sensor Shield v3.1

Arduino Sensor Shield



Micro SD Breakout
Unified Microsystems
Amateur Radio and Electronic Products, including the ATS-1 (Arduino Display Shield, uses NO EXTRA pins!!).
W9XT.com Micro controller design web page, lots of great info about micro controllers.
http://www.quinapalus.com/hd44780udg.html Making custom characters with a LCD display on your Arduino?  Use this link to easily create custom characters
The Arduino website.  Forum is a great resource for Arduino users.
Learn about SMT soldering with an electric skillet!!