Welcome to my personal web space, envisioned to help others suffering from diverticulitis and other IBS related symptoms.

This space was originally created for my amateur radio and electronic projects. I believe it is more important to show that the medical field really needs to study these diseases, as there are many different opinions on the cause and treatment of diverticulitis symptoms.

There IS NO CURE. Once you develop the disease, all you can do is live with it.

I am constantly researching for advice to live a pain free and somewhat normal life. This site helps me to compile the information gathered, and allows others to contribute their findings as well.

My goal is to find diet and lifestyle changes that will help prevent flareups and to reduce the medications and surgeries needed to control the symptoms of colitis, diverticulitis, and other IBS related diseases.

If you have advice or a story to share, please use the contact page.