Common triggers for my flareups

There is a common theme to the start of my flareups with diverticulitis. It boils down to stresses on my digestive system.

Once it was work related, lifting heavy objects and repeatedly bending over.

The types of food eaten also caused stress to my digestive system. Foods that are difficult to digest or cause gas should be avoided.

But for the remaining times, it was overeating. I have controlled, for the most part, flareups by eating less food overall and breaking up meal time into snack times.

Holidays with my family is celebrated with a large meal. With so many dishes, even just sampling a little of everything is too much at once.

My advice for the holidays: bring a container for leftovers. Eat a small portion, then make your second serving for later, after everyone else is passing out during digestion.

By taking something home you can try the food you didn’t eat that day, and freeze unused portions to eat later. Also my mother (like grandma) will see I am being fed properly ☺

What are GI doctors good for?

I saw a GI doc today. First three minutes answering questions that were already asked, just had to look in his computer. He gave me the “you need to eat more fiber and drink more water” speech, then said “I am referring you to a surgeon.”

WTF? I’m NOT PASSING FOOD, just finished antibiotics, intestines are still SWOLLEN. At least the surgeon would say limit the liquid intake until the pain subsides, no more than a few days or in the ER you will go.


Why did I pay him $55 (my deductable, total bill $1800 including the MRI scan) to sit over an hour (he was late) to spend 5 minutes with him. I asked him if he even looked at the CT scan from a week ago. HE THEN PROCEDED TO ACTUALLY LOOK UP THE RESULTS.

I specifically asked the nurses for any pamphlets or information on any special diet restrictions. The patient printout contained almost ZERO information. I learned more on the Mayo Clinic website doing my own research BEFORE the visit. The two questions I asked prompted him to respond in a snarky way, as if HOW DARE I question his schooling. I told him I will not be seeing the surgeon that he recommended, as I will be getting a second opinion. I repeated that statement to the nurses.

I called back my primary care doc, hoping he could help me. Lets reduce the inflammation so I CAN eat something, right? Two weeks on the liquid diet and I have lost 15 lbs so far. I can’t take this any longer. Wait two weeks to see someone, just to be told – oh, I have no clue about anything so lets go see someone else, and wait another two weeks to see the next idiot. By then I will have healed or died. I guess either way I will be cured.

So I ask again, WTF are GI doctors good for? Raising your blood pressure and insurance rates.